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The terms “Desert Durum”® are both a registered trademark and a registered certification mark, each owned jointly by the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council and the California Wheat Commission. When used in commerce, Desert Durum® certifies or is intended to certify that durum grain so identified is at least 90% produced under irrigation in the desert valleys and lowland of Arizona or California. The annual Desert Durum® crop usually becomes available for shipping or purchase in the month of June.


Desert Durum® is generally available to domestic and export markets as “identity preserved” grain by specific variety, which allows customers to acquire grain possessing quality traits that meet their specific needs. The identity preserved system allows customers to contract varieties and volumes with grain merchandisers who sell certified seed to experienced growers who maintain varietal identity throughout the planting, growing, harvesting, and delivery processes. Grain merchandisers then store the grain by variety and may ship on the customers’ preferred schedules. For more information about our mark and permission to use it, click below:


Desert Durum® Crop Quality Reports for 2018 for Arizona/California South Region and Desert Durum® from the San Joaquin Valley.

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Additional information about Seed Dealers and Distributors, and the Certified Wheat Seed Buying Guide.


Summary of California Durum Exports

2016/17 (June-May)

Did you know?

California is now exporting durum to Ecuador. Starting with 4,000 MT        in 2017/18 (June-May)

Did you know?

Average Wheat Yields for the state are 2.92 tons/acre (~97 bushels) for durum wheat, based on 5yr Avg (2013-2017)


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